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3D Paper Transport Craft

3D Paper Transport Craft

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Wow, my students were so excited about this craft that I had to share some more photos with you.

They made a Super Jet Rocket Space Car (their title), a London Bus, a Steam Train, and a Racing Car.

I think they could have made these all day. 

Once I modeled how to make the first one, I could happily leave them to get on it with.

Materials per student
Car, Bus and Train template.
Glue stick.
x2 Wheels per vehicle. A toilet roll cut into strips or a strip of craft paper rolled up twice and stapled. Then cut half way through the centre to make a slot that will support the vehicle.

Materials for the class.
Cover tables with plastic sheets or large bin bags.
Ink pads.
Wet wipes - less messy for the school as a whole than having the students running back and forth between the class and bathroom every time they change inkpads.
The children should have no need to leave their seats during the craft.
Songs: The Ride It Song by The Magic Crayons. Lyrics are Train, Car, Bus, Bicycle, Airplane.

To make
Print the template onto thick A4 paper. When folded in half it should be rigid.
Colour the Train. We used inkpads. Crayons, glitter, pencils etc are just as suitable.
Turn over, glue, fold in half.
Cut out the Train.
Add 2 wheels.

As with all crafts, make one yourself first before presenting it to the class.

Allow time after the craft has been made for the children to play with their new toys.

3D Transport $3.00

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To make this you will need…

Glue Sticks
Scissors - left-handed

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