Free Dragonfly Nature Craft

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Free Dragonfly Nature Craft

Free Dragonfly Nature Craft

Dragonfly craft
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crafts with sticks and leaves
glue sticks and twigs
leaf and twig craft
I did this craft in many of my classes, ages 5-12 and it was popular in all of them.

Materials Per Student
One local park with a supply of twigs, leaves, berries and whatever else the children feel they need to make the above Dragonflys. They will specifically need materials for 6 legs, wings, thorax, head and antenna.
In my younger class I used glue to fix everything together and they can do it themselves. It takes some time to dry though. In a later class I used sticky tape and that was faster, cleaner and didn't glue itself to everything else in the students bag.
Teacher Preparation
As with all crafts make one yourself first. This is to give you an idea of construction difficulties the students may encounter, to help you with modeling, and to provide the students with a clear and exciting gaol.

In Class
Spray the kids head to toe in insect repellant then head to the park for materials. Depends on where you live but August in Japan for mosquitoes near a pond was a nightmare. Evening time is to be avoided I think.

This craft is based on an idea I found in the wonderful pinterest. Check out his dragonfly craft photos for more ideas.

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Green Construction Paper
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