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NEW: Classroom Vocabulary Flash Cards & Clip Art

NEW: Classroom Vocabulary Flash Cards & Clip Art

36 Print Flash Cards - 72 Digital Flash Cards - Covid 19 Edition
• Vocabulary includes: Mask, Soap, Thermometer, Goggles, Hand Sanitizer, Scarf, Pencil, Ruler, Eraser, Desk, Stapler, Pencil, Computer, Sink, Book-bag, Laptop, Crayon, Book, Glue-Stick…
Classroom Clip Art - 72 High Resolution Color, and Black & White png files

Technology in the Classroom and Teacher Resources Blog

Technology in the Classroom and Teacher Resources Blog

Luke's Way of Looking by Nadia Wheatley and Matt Ottley

Lukes Way of Looking introductory video
My video has become the University of South Queensland (USQ) exemplar video for the Graduate Diploma in Teaching course, module EDX2170. If you have any questions about this video please post them in YouTube

An introductory video to Luke's Way of Looking by Nadia Wheatley and Matt Ottley

Made in iMovie

This high quality multimodal text / video introduces the ideas behind Nadia Wheatley and Matt Ottley's delightful Luke's Way of Looking. It is designed for Years 1 and 2 but equally suited for ages 5 to 10 and up. I suggest setting this video to watch as flipped classroom homework, or use in class as a way into the book.

Potential enquiry questions include:

• Does everyone look the same?
• Do we all see things the same way?
• What do people think of you?
• How do you feel about that?
• Luke's Way Of Looking

Finally it seem to have been reprinted, and quite rightly so !
I produced this multimodal text within iMovie.

At points in the movie there are 3 audio tracks, narration, sound effects and green screen all running together. I made this movie back in 2015 and my old mac did struggle to report it. For recent macs it shouldn’t be a problem.

The only negative with iMovie is that it is a little fiddly balancing all the audio with small control sliders, but not prohibitively so.
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Luke's Way of Looking Hardcover – October 1, 2001by Nadia Wheatley (Author), Matt Ottley (Illustrator
by Nadia Wheatley (Author), Matt Ottley (Illustrator)
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 111 reviewers in

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