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Children’s songs about food and cutlery

Songs for kindergarten, preschool, elementary and international school children plus ESL students. All written and produced by The Magic Crayons, who are accomplished musicians working as professional qualified English language teachers. If you are planning a lesson to a theme, remember to check our flash cards, crafts and games pages too.

The Bento lunchbox song

Get ready, its time for lunch

I'm hungry
Wash your hands
Eat together
Yummy yeah.

Here's my chopsticks
Here's my spoon
Here's my fork
I like food.

My lunch box, my lunch box, my lunch box, yeah!

The Magic Crayons
The Bento Song $0.99

The official Magic Crayons bento lunchbox

Official Magic Crayons Bento Box ! Available in blue, pink, green, orange, grey and purple. Add your own name or message, change the colors. View our lunch boxes by Zazzle, our official merchandise provider
Blue robot bento box and lunch box

Sho Fruity

Notes: Put the kids in a circle works well for this song. Use an action for each fruit. On the chorus (“I like fruit”) you can all make a small circle whilst singing then make a big circle (kind of like the Hokey Pokey chorus but not as crazy!)

Apple x2
Orange x2
Banana x2
Strawberry x2
Peach x2
Watermelon x2

I like fruit! x4

(repeat whole thing again)

The Magic Crayons
Time: 2:22
Sho Fruity $0.99

Chu High

Notes: Repeat the structure for each vegetable. Really go for it trying to sing the ever raising chorus line!

I like tomatoes! X2
I like tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!
I like Cucumber! x2
I like cucumber, cucumber, cucumber!

I like vegetables! x4

(repeat whole thing again, but double the “I like vegetables” part)

The Magic Crayons
Chu High $0.99
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