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Children’s actions and sports songs

Songs for kindergarten, preschool, elementary and international school children plus ESL students. All written and produced by The Magic Crayons, who are accomplished musicians working as professional qualified English language teachers. If you are planning a lesson to a theme, remember to check our flash cards, crafts and games pages too.

Disco Yeah !

Notes: During the breakdown chant "line up please" so the children line up as they would at a start of a running race.

Champion x4

Walk Fast x2
Jump Slow x2
Hop Fast x2
Run Slow x2

…breakdown (line up kids)…

Let’s Race x2
On Your Mark x2
Get Ready x2
Disco Yeah! x4

The Magic Crayons
Disco Yeah ! (the single) $0.99
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Jumping Clap Dance

Notes: Follow the actions. Freeze during the breakdowns.

Come On x2
Go, Go! x2
Jump, Jump! x2
Walk, Walk! x2
… breakdown …

Come On x2
Go, Go! x2
Hop, Hop! x2
Run, Run! x2
… breakdown …

Come On x2
Go, Go! x2
Clap, Clap! x2
Dance, Dance! x2
… breakdown …

Jump, Clap, Dance! x4

The Magic Crayons. Time: 1:50
Jumping Clap Dance $0.99

Sports Noodles

What Are You Doing? x8

I’m Playing Tennis x4
I’m Playing Basketball x4
I’m Playing Soccer x4
I’m Playing Volleyball x4

What Are You Doing? x8

I’m Playing Table Tennis x4
I’m Playing Rugby x4
I’m Playing Baseball x4
I’m Playing Badminton x4

What Are You Doing? x8

I’m Playing Sports x4

The Magic Crayons

Notes: Follow the actions, use the drum beats for each sport to enhance actions.
Sports Noodles $0.99
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