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Introduction to Let’s Study Phonics

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Lesson plans

Phonics lesson plans - traditional

Lets Study Phonics
Phonics lesson plans
Phonics - Why teach them?

A book by the Matsuka Phonics Institute

Lets Study Phonics - Teaching Tips

  • Praise for clarity not speed.
  • Use sharp pencils not blunt crayons.
  • Do the page yourself first and be sure you know all the answers.
  • Model any Homework clearly in class, eliciting all the answers.
  • Reward with stamps, stars or points at every opportunity.
  • Try to ensure to the best of your ability that students don't copy the answers from each other. Rearrange tables if necessary.
  • More games and teaching advice within the LSP Teachers Guide.

Lets Study Phonics - Warm Up

Begin all LSP1 lessons with a warm up using alphabet games.
For the listening sections the teacher is the CD

Lets Study Phonics - Section 1

Upper and lower case letter writing practice

Lets Study Phonics - Section 2

Six Consonants.
Students listen to your clear pronunciation and decide whether the word begins with that units phonic.
After two listening exercises the students complete the written page, writing the first letter phonic for each word.

Lets Study Phonics - Section 3

Short Vowels.
In addition to Section 2 style activities they draw a picture of an object with the vowel in and write basic words featuring those vowels.
Reading. With pens away illicit all the letters and sounds. Allow the students to discover they can read English. e.g.. Phonetically elicit “tca”. Then rearrange and ask the students what “cat” says.
At the end of that unit there are dictation exercises.

Lets Study Phonics - Game Suggestions

Students race to arrange the A-Z / a-z mini flash cards into the correct order or match UC to LC mini FCs.
• Students arrange letters into fun random words of your choosing.
• Students in turn run up to the board and circle/erase/draw/write the word/object/letter you say.
Also check out our Phonics Games Pages.

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