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Classroom Behaviour Management Strategies


Working with young children means having to deal with misbehaviour. Developing effective preventative measures and dealing effectively with behaviour problems when they arise are vital survival skills for a kindergarten teacher. Unfortunately there is no magic solution to the problems that arise in the classroom since there are as many possible behaviour problems as there are students. Successfully solving behaviour problems will require experimenting with different techniques, a positive attitude and determination.

This guide is a compilation of ideas that have worked for Teachers in the types of teaching settings that we work in. Foreign teachers in Japan work in a unique setting and face challenges not common in other teaching environments, therefore most of the behaviour management support that is available to teachers is not relevant to us. The idea behind this handbook is to offer behaviour management techniques that are directly applicable to the situations faced by teachers. It is meant to help teachers deal with behaviour problems by offering different ideas about how to approach various situations. It does not contain the answers to all your behaviour problems, however it is a great place to look for ideas and solutions to problems!

Most of the techniques suggested in this document will be most effective if used by a teacher who is usually happy and playful with the children. The drastic change from genki sensei to serious sensei will have an immediate impact on students and gumi teachers alike and let them know that whatever has happened is enough to have made you stop being happy and should be taken seriously.

This document is divided into 3 main sections: General, Seika specific techniques and Kagai specific techniques. Within each section techniques are broken down into preventative and corrective methods. Preventative methods being anything you do proactively to decrease the chances of undesirable behaviour happening and corrective methods being anything that you do to deal with a problem once it happens.
Classroom behaviour management guide for Teachers


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Amazon Resources - Students

No, David! by David Shannon. A classic. I read this with my students at the beginning of every term
Have You Filled A Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids. So good my Principal read it to staff. I read it to parent son introductory night too
Luke's Way of Looking by Nadia Wheatley and illustrated by Matt Ottley. Outstanding book to help young readers appreciate the differences between individuals blog post >>>

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