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How to assigning homework

Assigning Homework - The Purpose of Homework

These notes were written while I was working at Japanese Kindergartens with students and after school students aged 3-10.

Assigning Homework - Marking Homework

Assign a Worksheet etc. to the class. The children retrieve all they need from their school bags. Start checking homework from the first child that sits down.
• Give a brief one on one review and mark the HW.
• Give written and verbal praise and, maybe most importantly, give the student a fantastically amazing stamp or sticker!
• Write the date on the new HW page and move on to the next child.

Assigning Homework - If homework is not being completed

Be tactful. There might be good reasons why the child isn’t completing it.
• The student doesn't get a HW sticker.
• Gently remind the parent in person.
• Have a teacher write a note in Japanese on the HW page to the parent.
• Ask the students regular teacher to remind the child or parent.

Assigning Homework - Teaching Tips

Ensure your classwork content enables the student to confidently and successfully complete the HW.
• Model homework clearly.
• Avoid where possible non relevant Activity Book pages such as colouring.
• To quickly mark a lot of LSP books open them all to the same page and mark en masse.
• If the homework involves writing, ask the child to point to their best written letter or word. The child will remember this when they go to write next time.
• If you think the homework page is too easy, set two pages.
• If possible model the homework again in front of the parents and ask a few questions to reliable students. This helps those parents who can’t do the homework themselves and also shows what a great teacher you are.

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