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Spanish flash cards for furniture

Furniture flash cards including plant, lamp, key
Pack of spanish flash cards including chair, TV, flower
Furniture flash cards - pink bath
Spanish Flash Cards - Furniture
globo terráqueo / globe
dentro / inside
llave / key
cometa / kite
lámpara / lamp
fuera / outside
teléfono / phone
marco de foots / picture frame
planta / plant
radio / radio
sofá / sofa
mesa / table
tele / TV
paraguas / umbrella
sillón / armchair
baño / bath
cama / bed
libro / book
biblioteca / bookcase
caja / box
cámara / camera
silla / chair
reloj / clock
ordenador / computer
escritoire / desk
ouerta / door
flores de pascua / Easter flowers
flor / flower
flores / flowers

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Furniture flash cards including plant, lamp, key

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