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Japanese flash cards for colors

Flash card pack in Japanese for colors
Colors in Japanese flash cards
Flash cards for colors in Japanese
Japanese Flash Cards - Colors
くろ / black
あお / blue
みずいろ / light blue
そらいろ / sky blue
あおみどり / cyan
ちゃいろ / brown
こげちゃいろ / chocolate
みどり / green
こいみどり / dark green
きみどり / verde claro /
きんいろ / gold
はいいろ / grey
くあいいろ / indigo
あかむらさき / magenta
だいだいいろ / orange
ももいろ / pink
むらさき / purple
あか / red
ぎんいろ / silver
あおむらさき / violet
しろ / white
きいろ / yellow

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Flash card pack in Japanese for colors

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Clothing - Free
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Transport and vehicles

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Clothing - Free
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2D Shapes
Transport and vehicles

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