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Jolly Phonics. How to support your child learning English in Japan and other non-English Speaking Countries

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There are many Jolly Phonic resources available for home teaching. Here are my recommendations.

Note before purchasing and Jolly Phonics Resources:
• The books have all new covers and artwork since I initially reviewed them. The originals versions are still great.
• Jolly Phonics used to produce Print and Cursive versions of their books. Which look almost identical.
• It seems they now only produce resources in Precursive. Notably it doesn’t say this on the cover.
• The thumbnails for regular books are the same as for big books and board books. Double check what you order!

In this Guide
• The Essentials
• Workbooks
• Songs
• Flash Cards
• Activity Books
• Grammar (or not)
• Decodable Readers
• Oxford Learning Tree
• Teachers Guides

Jolly Phonics Workbook 1-7

Working as both a Private Teacher and as Manager of a dispatch teaching company I have been continually impressed with the value for money that Jolly Phonics proved with their resources. All 7 workbooks for around $20! The content is excellent too. Jolly Phonics offer all resources in Print or Cursive fonts, so be sure to select correctly. All links here are for Print.
The complete set of 7 workbooks covering all the 42 letter sounds in print letters.
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