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Lamicall Bicycle Phone Mount Review

Lamicall Phone Mount Bianchi

When looking for a handlebar mounted phone bracket you quickly get swayed by the online recommendations and end up with a huge list of must have features. Took a while to whittle that down to this excellent Lamicall mount that does everything and some.

  • Sturdy mount that can be mounted at any angle in any space on your handlebars
  • The bracket attaches to the mount via ball. This allows you to adjust the angle of the screen to anything you want. The angle I set it at depends on whether I have my head done and ramping up the watts, or leisurely riding, or the sun is on the phone screen. I have it tight enough that I can just tap the phone in the corner and I get the angle I want.
  • You don’t need to have your phone in a weather proof case unless its a downpour i guess but unlilely you’d be out in one. The phone gives off heat when running GPS so enclosing it raised the temperature further as air cannot flow over it.
  • A latch on the rear clamps the phone in place



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