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Weather vane and anemometer craft

This month we are studying The Weather. It was a nice windy day so we made a Wind Vane and Anemometer.

Wind Vane Materials:
Large Triangle - Printed on white photocopy paper then glued by students onto colored craft paper.
Chopstick - You could use a pencil that has an eraser on one end, but chopsticks are much cheaper and the child can take it home.
Pin - Teacher to assemble this part.
Straw - But the sort that does'nt have a bendy part. I had to cut them down, which is why mine look a little short.
It was very quick to do but the children really liked it. I did explain that it shows where the wind is coming from, but they were simply amazed that by blowing on it that it will always point to themselves. Just like magic one said.

The Anemometer
2 Plastic Cups
Straw and pin as per the Wind Vane.
Lots of tape.

Again I explained how it works, but blowing hard on it and having it swing around and tap you on the nose seemed to be the best part.

By the time we finished these the strong wind in the morning began to look like typhoon, so decided it was too dangerous to try these outside.

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