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Valentines’s Day pop up card draft for 4-6 year olds

It's still The Weather Unit this month and given how much my students enjoyed making the Clouds And Rainbows Craft, I thought we could do another mobile !

Hopefully the photos above show all that you need, but here is how to make it:

Draw on A3 paper or search google images for different weather types - rainy, stormy, snowy, sunny, party cloudy, and a rainbow. Choose images with a nice thick black border as it makes it easier for younger ones to colour in. To aid with cutting I drew a small circle around each graphic. The sun would have taken forever to cut out otherwise.

Run through the colors, there are plenty of songs that do this better than chanting or flash cards.
For rigidity I had the students glue the A3 print out to construction paper. If my photocopier worked better I would have printed directly onto it.

It's then basically colour in the images and cut out.

It will depend on your class size and ability as to whether you or the students assemble everything. I arranged everything face up, then flipped them over. So that it hangs correctly you will need an even number of objects hanging from each end of the chop sticks. A coat hanger would work just as well I imagine. I made an extra label for each childs name.

I hope it works for you - Tim Sensei ティム先生.

July 16th is Amazon Prime Day

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