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Sumo wrestling cups craft

© The Magic Crayons
Ages: 3-7
Teacher Preparation:
Per student: x1 paper cup, face, 2 arms, hair. One tissue box or similar item per 2 or 3 students.
Student Materials
Glue, coloured crayons.
In class
Song: Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes for face vocabulary.
Song: Blue To Green by The Magic Crayons for the colours.Colour the face, arms and hair then attach to cup.
To play
Two children sit opposite each other with a tissue box between them. Their cup is on the box. On your command the children drum their fingers on the box. The winner is the child who's cup remains on the box. The most exciting aspect of this game for children is noisily pounding the box, not the "winning" aspect. Indeed, playing this game using upturned buckets creates even more noise and excitement!

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Summer 2014

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