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Parts of a tree craft - National Geographic - World Windows

My regular students have just started using the National Geographic World Of Windows books. They are really enjoying them so far.

The first book is called Parts Of  A Tree. This craft combined their knowledge so far with some fun writing practice.

Trunk - Long wide brown strip of paper.
Roots - short black strips of paper.
Leaves - small triangles of light and dark green paper.
Branches - narrow strips of brown paper.
Bark - thin strips of black paper of hand drawn.
Handwriting practice. This depends on the level of your students. In my case we traced the words first, then wrote neatly as best they could. Once I was happy with it, they cut out the words and labelled the picture.

Once completed we displayed them in class so we can refer to them as we complete the book.

The teachers guide suggests using various materials of different colours and textures, which would have been fun to do.

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