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Paper cup crab craft

Materials per student:
1x Paper Cup
4 Legs and 2 Claws. Click for link to printable crab template
x2 Oogly Boogly Eyes
x1 Red pastel / crayon
To assemble:
Cut out everything and stick it to the cup.
Put one dab of glue on the cup then press a leg onto it. "Glue and fold" worked with my 5 year olds.
Stick on the eyes.
Colour it red.
I did a practice version where I colored everything first, but I then couldn't glue it together as it wouldn't stick to crayon covered paper.

The inspiration for this craft I found in pinterest. For the downloadable template I used for the legs and pincers please visit the source site via my interest board of Children's Crafts. The original suggested a plant pot painted red, but I found a paper cup worked just fine.

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