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House of shapes craft

I have used this craft a number of times both. It works a dream for ages 1year up to 6 years old. And if you have a guillotine takes no time at all to prepare as many as you want very quickly. Cheap, fast and fun!

Materials per student
x1 Origami square for the house.
x 1 Triangular roof (2 per square).
x 1 Rectangular door (6 per square).
x1 Circle for the moon (4 per square).
x1 to x6 star stickers depending on what size you buy and your budget.

In Class
Play The Shape Song by Tim Sensei and The Magic Crayons.
Model how to assemble the craft.
On completion have them draw flowers, grass and what ever else takes their fancy.

Preschool and Kindergarten Shape Craft by Tim Sensei ティム先生 - 南町田,南つくし野のこども英語教師.

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