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Halloween spider craft

A lovely Children's Spider Craft by Tim Sensei ティム先生. We did this during Insect Study Month, but of course it will work great as a Halloween Craft.

Preparation and Materials per student:
A3 Orange craft paper.
x2 or x3 A4 Black craft paper
Glue Stick
White pencil
Wiggly Eyes.

To Make:
Students draw large S on one piece of black A4 craft paper. For younger ones draw the letter S, or have a clear one that they can copy.
Cut out the S.
Glue to A3 orange craft paper.
Legs x8 - Take a piece of black A4 paper and fold it concertina fashion. Open up, and cut across the folds - see the above photos. If the legs a fat then they will need 2 pieces of black A4.
Glue legs and Wiggly Eyes to the S.
Write name on completed craft.

These looked great pinned to the walls with the legs blowing about, but my children were too excited about it all so they proudly took it home that same day. I'll use this again at Halloween I think !

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