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Firework Craft

August is Summer time here in Japan and every city, town and local community worth its salt is having a firework display.

Here is a fireworks craft that I remember doing vaguely myself as a child that worked really well in my own 4-6 year old classes here in Tokyo.

Preparation and Materials per student:
When I first used this craft I printed onto A4 paper. It took many of the the 4 year olds forever to colour the rainbow. This was mostly because they wanted to do it properly and I had told them not to leave any white paper showing. So now I suggest you just print two per A4 sheet.
Crayons or pastels. Don't give the students the black ones until you are happy they have completed the rainbow because once they get hold if it there is no going back.
Plenty of soap and a finger scrubbing brush. The craft itself isn't that messy. When it comes to applying the black layer the kids really gripped the black crayon, which made hand cleaning a real challenge.
Took me 2 days to get my own clean! The second day I did this craft I did so before swimming practice. The long soak in the pool helped clean hands.
A small coin.

To Make:
Issue the template.
Kids colour a rainbow, leaving no white paper.
Once this has been done as best they can, issued the black crayons.
Colour over the rainbow.
Draw fireworks and scenes from firework events. In Japan all my students have been to large organized firework events, so eliciting all the vocabulary didn't take long. I found it interesting to see what memories they have of these events.
Use a coin at an angle to scrape away the black layer. I did try using an upturned paint brush, but it soon became clogged up.

A craft by Tim Sensei ティム先生. Hanabi Picture.
Since making this craft for my Japanese students I have had visitors from all over the world to this page. So…
• UK - November the 5th Guy Fawkes night craft.
• USA - Thanks Giving
• New Years Eve

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