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Dragonfly craft

Materials Per Student
3 Large Lolliop Sticks
Paper Glue
A stronger wood glue
Glitter Paint
Boogly Eyes
x3 Pieces of green craft paper for legs.
x2 Pieces of black craft paper for the antenna.
A space to allow lay these out to dry. If they go crazy with the wood glue and glitter glue it could tale several hours.
In Class.
See the photos above really… just do things step by step and make sure that the kids don't squeeze out a whole tube of glitter glue in one go.

This craft is based on an idea I found in the wonderful pinterest by easypreschoolcraft . Check out their photos of their dragonfly craft for more assembly ideas.

Dragonfly Insect Craft photos by Tim Sensei ティム先生 - 南町田,南つくし野のこども英語教師.

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