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Clouds and rainbows mobile craft

This months study theme was The Weather so I needed a nice bright and colourful craft to hang in the classroom. My International Pre-School 5 and 6 year olds loved this Clouds and Rainbows Weather Mobile - Tim Sensei ティム先生.

To make this craft:

Preparation and Materials
Find a nice image of a cloud and copy 5 of them onto a page, making each one progressively smaller than the last.
Print this on A3 paper.
Using a guillotine for speed and neatness chop up a selection of colored craft papers.

In Class
Have the children glue white craft paper to the back for rigidity. Japanese craft paper is a different size to international paper so I couldn't feed it through photocopier easily.
Colour then cut out the clouds.
Put a blob of glue in the centre of each cloud and stick the next cloud on top.
Turn the cloud over and glue strips of coloured paper. I said they couldn't use the same colour twice to keep it looking like a rainbow.
Using a pencil roll up half of each colored strip to add a curl.
The children taped a precut piece of string to the back of the cloud so they could hold it on the way home then hang it up at home.

Weather Mobile Craft

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