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3D Paper plate aquarium craft - free

Materials required per student:

2 Large paper plates. Cut the centre of one of these.
Print some sea life onto A4 white paper. We chose killer whale, starfish, tuna, seaweed and a shell.
A light blue circle to fit inside the plate as the sea. I tried coloring it in with a blue crayon but the glue didn't stick to well to it.
I had 15 5-year old children in my class so I precut the sea life and had them glue it down before coloring. It took a little longer to prepare (too much) but the class ran smoother as I they weren't using scissors.
Glue stick.
Blue tape for the water and a hair brush to shred it with.
Tape to keep the two plate together when complete.

I hope there are some ideas here for you.

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