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Terms of use

Last updated: October 2014
Note: This is not an out of date page, we’ve simply not needed to update the terms.


• Use the clip art to create wonderful items for use in your classes.
• Use the clip art to create quality products for sale in Teachers Pay Teachers.
• We refer to clip art as 2D digital products.
• There is no requirement to link back to my store or put my logo or link on your end products. It would be wonderful however if you did so.
• You can link to any of your products or my products on TpT, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs and so on.
• It's not a requirement but we are more than happy to post links to your products in our blog.


• You may not resell or give away in any form my clip art as is, or unflattened, in TpT or Etsy or any other stores.
• Others should not be able to copy the artwork from your products, blog or webpage.
• Do not use to create flash cards or replicas of any other products we sell in Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy, TimSensei, The Magic Crayons, Zazzle and so on.
• Not for 3D physical products, such as mugs, phone cases, pillows, t-shirts, books, brochures, teachers guides, and so on. Please contact me if you wish to do so.

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• All the clip art on this page is available on a variety of merchandise.
• We can add any of our clip art to any of the products provided by our official merchandise partner Zazzle. There is no charge for the service.
• Please contact us via Zazzle with your request

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