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Recommended books for children

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Reviewer: Hi, I’m Tim from The Magic Crayons. I am a GradDipT, CELTA, and CELTYL qualified Primary and Kindergarten Teacher from the UK working at a Tokyo International School as an English Language Support teacher (ELS/EFL), IT Integration Specialist, and Teacher Librarian.

I have been teaching English in Japan since 2005 at preschools and kindergartens around Tokyo, including the Takaharu Tezuka designed Montessori Fuji Yochien. Since 2012 I have successfully taught English at International preschools and elementary schools in Japan, plus my own Tim Sensei Saturday school of English, with over 60 students aged 2 to 8.

These pages contain my book recommendations.

Mr. Tim - The Magic Crayons - マジッククレヨン-学校

Preschool English story books

adjective: preschool; adjective: pre-school
relating to the time before a child is old enough to go to school.
"a preschool playgroup"

All the books Mr. Tim bought and used for his Tim Sense Saturday English School classes.

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Jolly Phonics

The very best texts available to help students learn to read and write.

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Picture books

plural noun: picture books
a book containing many illustrations, especially one for children.

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Graphic Novels

noun: graphic novel; plural noun: graphic novels
a novel in comic-strip format.
synonyms: comic, comic book, cartoon; manga

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Chapter Books

a story book intended for intermediate readers, generally age 7-10

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Middle School Books

Middle School books are

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High School Books

High school books are

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Sakura Medal Books

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