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Design and Technology for Schools & IB PYP

Books, Flash Cards, Clip Art, Gaming, and Future Technologies for Students, Teachers and Distance Learning

Design and Technology Blog for Schools & IB MYP

Books, Flash Cards, Clip Art, Gaming, and Future Technologies for Students, Teachers and Distance Learning

Free music, songs and sound effects for YouTube Videos and Vlogging

Free sound effects and music for youtube videos
Sometimes the answers to simple questions can be long and tortuous. I've spent many hours trawling Google for songs and sound effects to legally use in my Youtube Videos. Why I never thought to look at the YouTube page itself for an answer I'll never know.

From YouTube then:
• Free music - The YouTube Audio Library for music music
• Free sound effects - The YouTube Audio Library for sound effects

In a previous post I looked into sourcing royalty free music for your project or vlog. I shall continue to use because the set up process is straightforward, the costs are very reasonable, and most importantly the tunes I have found suit my tastes and the mood I am trying to create. In my teaching role I shall certainly be sending, if not insisting my students source their music and effects from these Youtube pages as I will not have to worry about copywrite infringements.
Update: Since writing this post I switched to Epidemic Sound as they offered all the downloads I wanted for a fixed monthly fee. I’ve been using them happily for 3 years now.

Update update: I see now that Audio Jungle also offers music for a fixed monthly free.

Below are the books I’ve purchased for my school library and are all recommended for students, teachers and youtubers making their first videos or wishing to improve.
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