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Standing desks make children better students

Standing desks for childrenIs it not important to teach our children how to be more active, from an early age? asks director of the Ergonomics Center at the Texas A&M Health Science Center Mark Benden. A great article on the pros and cons of seated vs standing classrooms, workstations, and desks.

  • Standing in classrooms
  • Encouraging movement
  • Impact of a standing desks
  • Future of classroom design

Read the full article by Mark Benton.

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Five ways teachers use Lego creatively in class

Lego in the classroom

Interesting write up in the Guardian about using Lego in the classroom:

  • Tell stories in Lego
  • Text analysis ...
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The Magic Crayons Teachers Pay Teachers Store Catalogue

Teachers pay teachers store catalogue

We have a brand new page showing out entire Teachers Pay Teachers catalogue. Please help yourself to our free clothing flash cards, available in English, Spanish and Japanese.

Thank you - Tim

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The Apple watch

apple sports watch with green strap

A beautiful piece of design and manufacturing craftsmanship.

I read a interview in Wired by David Pierce with Apples Kevin Lynch about the philosophy behind the watch. Up until this point I wasn't convinced I needed one of these, but now 

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Robot pens from The Magic Crayons

Robot pens for kids

Yes yes ! Exciting new items in our back-to-school pages. Our very own writing pens featuring our love-able orange rabbit, Roberto the Robot from Tim Sensei's Saturday School of English. You may remember the two robots from our wonderful iPhone cases selection.

The picture above shows the robots on a white background, but you can change that, plus add your own name or message. There are two rubber grip styles available. We can add anything from the clip art pages by the way. Simply get in touch and let us know what you would like.

Thank you.

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Robot DJ Headphones

headphones with robots on the ears

Once again feature Tim Sensei's blue robot come these fantastic DJ headphones. Swivel cups, foldaway design, 20hz - 20,000hz frequency response. These are in our back to school section for now, along with some new writing pens.

Full headphone spec below. I will be adding more robots designs over the summer.

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Frozen - Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff in The Magic Crayons Merchandise Store !

Disney T-shirts from Frozen with Elsa and Olaf

Yay ! My students are STILL singing all the great songs from Disney's delightful Frozen movie. You can of course by Frozen merchandise anywhere, but not with a personalized message on each one !

The company that makes all our great t-shirts and phone cases also makes great Disney gifts.

  • Choose a choose your favorite character (Olaf is mine),
  • Choose a product - t-shirts, hoodies, post cards, lunch boxes, mugs and many more.
  • Choose the background
  • Write a message - happy birthday, Tim likes hugs too, you choose !
  • Click buy and it will be made just for you.

UPDATE: There is no longer a dedicated page within the Magic Crayons website for these items. The links instead will take you to our merchandise provider Dazzle.

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Mandarin English - ESL Kids Resources

A big thank you to Mandarin English for the following kind words.

Magic Crayon has very unique and interesting songs. Their ideas can seem a little bit wacky or bizarre at times, but yield profound results. Children just love this style, as its very original and captivating. Their songs and materials are cleverly designed and their website hosts a plethora of materials and ideas, such as lesson plans, games, songs and crafts.

Thank you - Tim Sensei


Language Allstars

Language Allstars

We are proud to announce that Language Stars now integrate our songs into their wonderful language programs.

Language Stars students - you can enter your album discount code at the checkout - thank you.

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