Children’s maths, numbers and counting songs

Popular tried and tested songs for kindergarten, preschool, elementary and international school children plus ESL students. All written and produced by The Magic Crayons, who are accomplished musicians working as professional English language teachers in Japan and China.

How Old Are You

How old are you? x2
I’m 5 years old, I’m 6 years old
5 years forward, 6 years forward
5 years backward, 6 years backward
I’m 5 years old, I’m 6 years old
A doo doo doo, a daa daa daa
5 years old, 6 years old x4
How Old Are You? x2
I’m 5 years old
I’m 6 years old
…oh man it’s total gridlock…

The Magic Crayons
How Old Are You $0.99

Song For 20

Notes: Move forwards and backwards with whole class for A section. In B sections highlight the second digit of each number by holding up fingers (e.g. for sixteen hold up six fingers). Do the Breakfast Club dance during the breakdown!

11, come on x2
12, come on x2
1…’s eleven
1…’s twelve
11, come on x2
12, come on x2

The Magic Crayons
Song For 20 $0.99

The Say Song

Say ___ 1 time
Say ___ 2 times
___ ___
Say ___ 3 times
___ ___ ___

(repeat up to 10!)

The Magic Crayons

Notes: In the tradition of “1 little, 2 little...” this song can be used with any word you wish to teach. The trick is singing to the beats - listen to the triangle! The song gets harder and harder to sing as the repetitions increase. Hilarious fun!
The Say Song $0.99

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