Free Rapidweaver themes from Tobias Vogel

The site you are at now was built using rapidweaver. Those of you that have been RW users a while, or are just looking for something a little different may want to try out these wonderful Tobias Vogel Rapid Weaver Themes.

All these are longer available, but with the expressed permission of Tobias they are available to download as a thank you to everyone in the Rapid Weaver community that has helped me with this and many other websites.
Please note:
  • I do this with the permission of Tobias. If he changes his mind I will remove it.
  • I'm not connected in any way with Tobias.
  • For any questions on these themes please head to the Rapidweaver Forums as they are unsupported by Tobias or myself.
  • These themes are free to download but donations are appreciated. All money goes to the charity Save The Children in Japan, as does 10% of all music download sales on this site.

Thank you -Tim

The free themes

The themes within the Tobias Vogel bundle are:

Coffee Brown
Mac Aurora
Urban Artist
Deli Store


The cart on this page and throughout The Magic Crayons website is powered by Cartloom.

Font awesome pillows and cushions

I was struggling for some xmas suggestions for a tech friend mine then came up with the idea of putting those font awesome icons on some pillows and cushions. They would look great on canvas in my studio too.
Purple cushion, with grey font awesome cogs
LOve heart throw pillow cusion. Customizable. Add your message.