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This is an all new page of phonics games that are suitable for the Jolly Phonics approach to phonics acquisition. I have some 30 traditional phonics games and activities on a separate page. Some of those are suitable for use with the Jolly Phonics program, some are not. Those were written while I worked at Japanese kindergartens and preschools that followed the traditional / expected approach of teaching the sounds A,B through to Z. If you are working in foreign language schools, particularly abroad, they will prove very useful.
It will take me a while to build this page you are now on. I take a more more constructivist approach to learning these days, so these games take a much more student centred, enquiry based approach.
Please do feel free to send any games you use in your classes for inclusion on this page. Credit given of course plus a link to your blog if you have one.

1. The Tissue Game

Game: The Tissue Game.
Learning: Listening, speaking and reading activity game using the Jolly Phonics Sounds. Great for introduction, practice and review.
Links: All the Jolly Phonics Videos.
Materials: Box of tissues, whiteboard.
Ages: 5-10

Write various phonics sounds on the white board at student height. Twice. Have the class or individual students say clearly each sound. Choose sounds from your current book and/or previous books for review. As a guide, if I have a class of six students, I would write up 8 pairs of sounds.
Seat the students in a line a distance away from the board or to one side. The writing should be big enough for all students to see.
Issue each child with one tissue. In later games a child can be made responsible for this.
The first pair of students stands. The teacher says a /sound/ and the two student’s race to the board to erase one sound each, then race back to their allocated seat.
Praise as you see fit for speed, accuracy, and behavior.
After a few plays ask a well behaved child to call out a /sound/ rather than yourself.
Ensure all children have an equal amount of attempts.
I have found this game to be very popular, so I limit its use so they do not become tired of it.
2. Line jump game
3. Venn picture sort game
4. Write on back game
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