Butterfly window insect craft

It was a sunny day as I was looking through pinterest for an insect craft and this idea came up.

Materials Per Students
x1 Precut Template. I printed the template as large as I could onto A3 green craft paper.
Selection of different colored tissue paper.
Glue stick

Teacher Preparation.
If you have lots of students then staple about 6 printed templates together and cut out in one go.
In Class
Elicit what defines an insect - 6 legs, wings, antenna.
Model how to carefully tear small strips of tissue to cover each hole.
On completion fix the butterfly to a window. If possible one with the sun behind it.
Tell the children when they take the craft home to fix it to a window also.

Click to download the template for butterfly craft from www.minieco.co.uk Lots of other lovely ideas to be be found there too.

Butterfly Window Insect Craft photos by Tim Sensei ティム先生 - 南町田,南つくし野のこども英語教師.