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1. For CD discounts and bulk shipping requests

2. Merchandise request form

If you would like any of our existing products available in different colour combinations, or current graphics on different items, please complete the merchandise request form below. If it is technically possible, we will add it to the store for you. There is no additional fee for this. There are literally hundreds of individual products available from us in countless colour combinations.

3. Testimonials

We would love to inspire other teachers visiting this site by showcasing how you use The Magic Crayons songs, flash cards, crafts and lesson plans.

On our all new testimonials page we can feature your name, photo, video of your students singing our songs, completed crafts, interesting ways you have used any of our materials. We can also link to your school and feature you in our blog if you wish.

Please note that for any submitted photos and videos we assume you gained permission to allow us to publish them.

4. All other enquiries

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