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Recommended Technology for Teacher Librarians

A selection of great gear that I have actually purchased and use regularly in my library. I highly recommend the Fuji Instax camera !

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Don't Squeal Unless It's a BIG DEAL

Classroom behaviour management.

Update: August 22nd 2015.

I see that there is a book of the same title available from Amazon:

Book - Don't squeal unless it's a big deal

Amazon: In this highly entertaining story for young children, kids will learn...

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Behavior Management - Cool Down Cubes

Cool down cubes

I saw this wonderful idea in Pinterest. It caught my attention as a nice straightforward, stand alone solution to behavior management.

I am very interested to know how you would use this in class. It looks a great idea, but I would like some input from someone who has used this successfully or indeed unsuccessfully.

To make this you will need

Ensure that children can reach into easily, and not break the jar it falls to the floor.

This is how I envisage myself implementing this in class

  • I create a tub of cool down cubes as seen in the picture.
  • When I see a child with known behavioral issues becoming stressed or agitated, I place this on their desk.
  • The student then takes a cube and carries out the recommended action.
  • Hopefully over time the student becomes familiar with all the suggestions on the cubes, and is able to calm themselves down without it.

Positives that I can see of this system include...

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How not to loose dice in a classroom

This is one of those ideas that is so obvious when you see it you will wonder why it never occurred to you before from Patricias Easy Peezie Lemon Squeeze Blog.
We use dice for a variety of activities in my K3 class. Rolling dice is always fun. And so is “accidentally” rolling them so hard they bounce off the table and disappear under a shelf or cupboard never to be seen again. This solves that problem. It is simply a sealed plastic container that is large enough to allow the dice to roll about freely inside. As it is a clear case the numbers can easily be seen. Use a slightly larger container for two dice. Full details at Patricias Easy Peezie Lemon Squeeze Blog.

Student Desk Plans

Last year in my K3 class we divided the students into 4 separate groups - autumn, spring, winter and summer. So they could find out where to sit I printed a season theme image and sellotaped it to the table. This looked great for the first few weeks. After that however the children started picking at the tape, food got under it, it became generally dirty and tacky looking. Before lunch we wipe the tables but the label would not be clean. 

This year I tried using small baskets as pencil boxes with a label for each season on each one. These did not last. Some children have picked at the graphics, and they have become very gray overall from sharpening pencils. I’ve been looking for an alternative since then and I came across the following idea on the Easy Peezie Lemon Squeeze Blog. Full details on the blog, but essentially it is a balloon with the centre name attached to the basket. It hangs from the ceiling so the little ones cannot get their dirty fingers on it. In each basket is a cute fluffy toy. Our tables don’t move around so much, so hopefully I am not going to bang my head on them all the time.


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