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The Magic Crayons are a unique combination of four professional song writers and teachers all living and working in Japan as Preschool, Kindergarten and International School English Teachers.
This site contains all the songs, games, lesson plans and crafts that we have created and use within our classes every week.
We are particularly proud of our 32 amazing kindergarten songs for ESL Students, young learners and children of all ages.
Following the earthquake and tsunami disasters of 2011 we give 10% of all revenue from our Download Store to the charity Save The Children. The songs can also be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby.
NEWS - April 2014
16th April. Sound Sandwich Noise Maker now available to download.
Summer 2014: Our craft page templates available as downloads.
Summer 2014: Flash cards - For our songs, and by study themes. In Engish, Spanish and Japanese. And the clip art!
Over 365 Free Games.
• Fun and Easy to teach Games.
• Tried and Tested in Classrooms.
• All written by ESL Teachers working in Japan.
Props and teaching aids I use within my numeracy classes
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All the artwork I created for the teaching materials within this site.
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Fun videos for children and How-To Guides for teachers of our most popular songs.
Spanish - Tarjetas de Memoria Espanol
Colors (25)
More in Summer 2014
Japanese - 日本語フラッシュカード
Clothes (4 Free)
Arriving Summer 2014
These flash cards and more great teaching aids available now in TpT
32 Amazing English Songs for Kindergarten and Preschool Children, and all Young Learners of English.
• Fun and Easy to teach Songs.
• Tried and Tested in Classrooms.
• All written by ESL Teachers working in Japan.